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Success Story - Dr. Lye WaiChoong

They agree to kidney transplant despite 3 hospitals turning him down due to weak heart
HIS kidney condition had caused his heart to fail.
The only way to save him was through a kidney transplant.

By Ng Wan Ching

09 March 2007
HIS kidney condition had caused his heart to fail.
The only way to save him was through a kidney transplant.
But he could not undergo a transplant operation unless his heart function improved.
That was the vicious circle in which Mr Kenneth Fong was trapped five years ago.
He was facing almost certain death. Yet, the three hospitals he went to refused to do the transplant because of the risks involved.
All his wife of 13 years, Madam Sheryl Cheong, could do was watch his life ebb away.
But today, Mr Fong, 41, is alive and building a new life.
All because two doctors took a big gamble in 2004.
Though they knew the operation could kill him, they went ahead and transplanted a kidney donated by his wife.
Said one of the doctors,

Dr Lye WaiChoong, a senior consultant renal specialist in private practice said
There may have been a higher risk of him dying on the operating table, but there was certainty of death if he did not have the transplant.'

Mr Fong's kidneys, affected by a childhood illness, failed in 2000, and he was placed on the transplant list.
In 2002, his heart, weakened by his condition, started to fail too, and he was removed from the transplant list.
He also had to give up his job as a civil engineer.
His ejection fraction or EF (which measures the capacity at which one's heart is pumping) was just 10 per cent. Normal EF is above 55 per cent.
Doctors he consulted at three hospitals told him the same grim news: he was too weak to undergo a kidney transplant because of his failing heart.
Said Mr Fong: 'I was in fluid overload. My lungs were filled with so much water that I could not lie down without choking.'
He would pace the floor at home late into every night. Madam Cheong stayed up with him to pound on his back.
It helped him forget his terrible backache.
Then, in early 2004, a friend recommended Dr Tan Seng Hoe, head and senior renal consultant at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.


Dr Tan's prognosis was no different from that of the other doctors, but he was willing to risk conventional blood dialysis or haemodialysis with Mr Fong.
The peritoneal dialysis that Mr Fong was doing himself was no longer enough.
But it would take a bigger toll on his heart. Said Dr Tan: 'Nobody knew whether his heart could take it.'
On the day he did his first haemodialysis, his wife, parents and family members gathered around him.
Dr Tan had told them he could die at any time if his heart gave up. He survived four sessions.
Said Mr Fong: 'I was 86kg before I started, because of all the fluid retention. After I finished, I was 68kg.'
Next, Dr Lye gave the go-ahead for the transplant, though Mr Fong's heart function was still very weak.
However, Mr Fong's sister, who was a perfect match for him, was then two months pregnant.
He could not wait for her to give birth before donating her kidney to him.
So the doctor asked his wife if she wanted to be a donor.
'I was overjoyed. I did not even know I could be a donor,' said Madam Cheong, 37, a business development manager.
She was a match. On 14 Oct 2004, she and her husband underwent their operations at Mount Elizabeth Hospital.
He now weighs a fit 69kg, his ejection fraction has improved to an almost normal level of 42 per cent and he can drink 1.5 litres of water a day.
'I can gulp it down instead of taking tiny precious sips,' he said.
He is training to be a full-time pastor.
To celebrate the second anniversary of his second chance, he and his wife wrote a book called 'Why me, God?'. It has a second cover which says, 'Why not you, my son?'.
It will be on sale by the end of this month at Kinokuniya, Times, Popular (Bras Basah) and MPH.

Said Madam Cheong,'When Kenneth was suffering, he kept asking that question. Then he got the answer. We want people to know about the journey that Kenneth has gone through. And to let them know that they are not alone in their suffering

The couple are now trying for their first child.

Sumber :http://parkwayhealth.blogspot.com/search/label/Dr%20Lye%20Wai%20Choong

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